Conduct a rapid, cradle-to-gate LCA and TEA

With support from the U.S. Department of Energy, the Global CO2 Initiative designed this calculator to expedite environmental and economic assessment of emerging technologies.

Watch this video for a full walkthrough explaining how to use the calculator.

Resources found throughout this website can help you find the data necessary to populate the fields in this tool.

Once you are finished working, please feel free to download your custom model by clicking the corresponding button in the Results menu.

This calculator does not save or otherwise record any input data, so if you leave the page and return, all inputs and results will be cleared.

Please note that the results of this calculator are subject to a high degree of uncertainty due to the nature of early-stage technology assessment. While the results may be useful for guiding research and development, they will likely be different from ultimately realized costs, emissions, and water use.

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